Educator Resources

Each season, the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance’s Education Department creates resources to accompany our Young People’s Concerts and Middle and High School Concerts.

As students, families, and educators adjust to a world where schoolwork takes place at home, we wanted to make these materials available for you for free to explore with your children. These lessons integrate music with topics from the Ohio Learning Standards in Social Studies, English Language Arts, History, and Music.

We hope these will inspire you and your children!

  • Postcards from America (Grades 4–7)
    • Lesson 1: American History
    • Lesson 2: American Values
    • Lesson 3: American Music
  • Rhythms of Africa (Grades 4–7)
    • Lesson 1: An Overview of Africa
    • Lesson 2: African Drums
    • Lesson 3: Polyrhythms and Syncopation
    • Lesson 4: African Influences

The Dayton Performing Arts Alliances reaches over 65,000 students and their families each year. To find out more about our education programming or to reserve your spot for a future performance, visit our Education page for more information.