A Unique Partnership with AES Ohio Sponsoring $5 Tickets to DPAA Performances

The Dayton Performing Arts Alliance is thrilled to open its doors even wider to the Dayton community in a new program called The Arts Are for Everyone. With the 2021-2022 Season, the DPAA has made a commitment to make performances more accessible in the concert hall, to extend performances out into the community more broadly, and to carry out major expansions of already-impressive learning programs for students and young people. “One of my main objectives at the DPAA will be to align our organization behind a single purpose and a shared goal: to help people fall in love with ballet, opera, and symphonic music,” said DPAA President and CEO Patrick J. Nugent. “I believe that the arts are for everyone, and the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance has the capacity to make these art forms widely accessible.”

Making Performances More Financially Accessible

The Dayton Performing Arts Alliance is committed to making performances more financially affordable to the greater Dayton community. In a unique partnership with AES Ohio, the DPAA has established a new program for members of the public to purchase seats for $5 per ticket. A range of $5 tickets are now on sale for every DPAA performance on a first-come, first-served basis. They can be purchased online or at the box office.

“In the past, price has been a barrier to some customers who want to experience the opera, ballet, or philharmonic,” continued Nugent. “They may be willing to purchase a ticket and enjoy something new if the price to attend is lower.” “The Dayton Performing Arts Alliance is part of the fabric that makes the Miami Valley a special place, drawing people of all ages to enjoy outstanding opera, ballet, and philharmonic performances,” said Holly Wiggins AES Ohio Director of Community and Corporate Social Responsibility. “The Arts Are for Everyone program opens the door for new families, young and old to explore what DPAA has to offer at an affordable cost. AES Ohio is pleased to be a partner in sharing this unique opportunity.”

It was my first opera–and with the $5 ticket, I would recommend other opera novices try it out!

First-Time DPAA Opera Patron

Continuing DPAA Community Appreciation Programs

In addition, the DPAA has resumed its successful Military Appreciation program, offering free tickets to active-duty military members, retired veterans, and civilian employees in the Miami Valley. The DPAA will also continue to recognize teachers and educators in the community with special offers, as has been done in the past. Finally, discounted tickets will continue to be available for seniors and students for all performances.

Expanding Learning Programs in the Dayton Region

The learning programs of the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance provide unique opportunities for children and their families to enjoy the arts. From introductory experiences to in-depth programs, the DPAA touches nearly every grade level, ability, and learning style.

Each year the Alliance is proud to reach almost 65,000 children and their families through its presentations in school and participatory programs. The DPAA is working to increase that number substantially by expanding music, dance, and singing opportunities in economically challenged communities and diverse communities. The DPAA will also work to change the way we look as an organization to better reflect the diversity in our community and nation.

Bringing the Performing Arts into Dayton Communities

Beginning in 2022, the DPAA will explore ways to introduce the art forms of the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance to new audiences in more intimate and approachable settings. The goal of the program will be to bring DPAA performances out into interesting new venues in Dayton and surrounding communities.

“I am passionate about the fact that the arts are profitable for a community, and I am not talking about financially profitable, but morally, spiritually, artistically, educationally, socially, and aesthetically profitable,” Nugent concluded. “We at the DPAA experience tremendous joy from inspiring audiences, and we are committed to ensuring that ‘The Arts Are for Everyone’ in Dayton.”